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Put yourself at the forefront of crypto currency trading 24 hours a day.

Our innovative arbitrage software is completely revolutionizing the way people profit from crypto currencies. Prior to REX, making money with arbitrage trading required expensive set-ups, years of skill and in-depth market know-how - not to mention deep pockets. Trying to compete for profits in the same pool as the pros is an extremely risky venture.

Now, with the release of our time-tested REX bot, we have leveled the playing field. Thanks to REX, what used to take hours of time, lots of skill, and carry high risk is now easy enough that anyone can do it. If you have access to the crypto markets, then you can generate low risk profits from volatile price fluctuations.

REX is programmed to analyze the crypto markets and target profits through a specialized proprietary algorithm. Its unique design sifts through volumes of data at lightning speed and chooses the best strategy to execute profitable trades.

In contrast to bots that are new on the market, REX has a proven track record of providing consistent profits. We have successfully used REX to trade our personal capital in the FOREX markets for the last six years. As professional traders, we understand how increasing the crypto trading volume benefits everybody because it adds credibility to the market. For this reason, we decided to reveal REX to the public and allow everyone the opportunity to make money and help further the crypto space in the process!


What is cryptocurrency arbitrage?

Arbitrage is the process of instantaneously buying something for a low price and selling it at a higher price. In the context of the crypto markets, billions of dollars trade on exchanges daily. Generating profits from these exchange price differences embodies the very definition of arbitrage.

Why should you use REX?
REX Features

REX offers the following key features to generate profits.


REX engages with the markets while you are sleeping. This provides investors the opportunity to make passive profits 24/7, 365 days a year.


REX mitigates human error by transferring responsibility of executing profitable trades to an automated software program.

Efficient strategies

In only a few seconds REX can crunch a ton of data that would take a human several hours to digest. This increases the frequency of profitable trades.


Anyone can use the platform - no in-depth market experience or expensive set-up is required.

Low risk

REX executes trades within a low risk range compared to the traditional trading models.

Proprietary algorithm

Our 6-year proven track record means REX can analyze the crypto market in real time and complete transactions at lightning speed.









Which crypto currencies does REX arbitrage?
Trading currencies

Rex arbitrage trades with the following crypto currencies:

Profit Estimation

The NOVACHAIN calculator will provide an estimated rate of return based on current averages. Please be aware these are only averages and can range higher or lower at any time due to factors outside of our control.


$ 100 Invest
Investment Period

Total Profit

Per Day

Per Week

Per Month

Per Year


When using REX between 1-30 days, a fee of 3% is deducted directly from the profits. Using REX for longer periods of time results in lower fees. Actual rates may vary slightly due to market conditions and fluctuations

Which crypto currency exchanges does REX use for arbitrage

Recent Trades

Date/time From Exchange To Exchange Currency Price Action Volume Total(USD) Type Pool
03/26/2019 @ 2:35 am (UTC) Bittrex bitfinex TRON $134.46 SELL 2.5 $336.15 ARBITRAGE
03/26/2019 @ 2:34 am (UTC) Binance Binance DOCKBTC $3943.8 BUY 0.3 $1,183.14 HFT TRADING
03/26/2019 @ 2:33 am (UTC) Binance Binance REPBTC $3943.5 BUY 0.9 $3,549.15 HFT TRADING
03/26/2019 @ 2:32 am (UTC) Binance Binance LSKBTC $3944.2 SELL 0.8 $3,155.36 HFT TRADING
03/26/2019 @ 2:31 am (UTC) Binance Kraken BCH $3943.7 BUY 0.7 $2,760.59 ARBITRAGE
03/26/2019 @ 2:30 am (UTC) Binance Binance NULSETH $134.46 SELL 8.1 $1,089.13 HFT TRADING
03/26/2019 @ 2:29 am (UTC) Binance Binance REPETH $134.41 SELL 4.7 $631.73 HFT TRADING

Trades are not shown in real time for security purposes.

powered by NOVA
all you need in one platform

NOVA is an ERC-20 Token created to empower the Novachain platform. NOVA is used by Rex to perform arbitrage trades. Our Platform provides multiple income opportunities like arbitraging, trading, masternodes, gambling and a referral program.


Earn profits when you trade on the internal and external Exchanges. You can day trade and use our internal exchange to place your buy and sell orders. Here you can buy NOVA tokens.


NovaChain will share 90% of the total platform trading fee to all users with 15K+ NOVA tokens invested in REX more tokens give you a higher share amount. Masternodes are payed in ETH and depend on the exchange volume.

Referral Program

Help us to spread the word and get 5% affliate bonus. Use your referral link and invite your friends to join our growing community. Share your experience with our platform and get rewarded.

Automated Arbitraging

Try out our arbitrage bot REX, designed to spot arbitrage opportunities. Lean back, relax and REX will do everything on your behalf to generate profits. Rex is fully automated and trades while you are sleeping.


Do you like to gamble? Try out our NOVALITTO lottery! You can play with NOVA or ETH and gain huge profits! Are you gonna be the next player who will claim the JACKPOT?


NOVA tokens are limited and used for all services provided by Novachain. As more people will use NOVA the demand will increase and so will the price of each NOVA token.

Token Specification

Type ERC20
Max. Supply17,000,000
ICO Supply6,400,000

Contract Address : 0x72FBc0fc1446f5AcCC1B083F0852a7ef70a8ec9f

No new tokens will ever be created

Next Steps!
Project Roadmap

The Novachain project began in January 2017. Our roadmap outlines the milestones we have successfully achieved as well as the current goals we are close to realizing.

Q1 2017

January 2017

Project start, the beginning of the Novachain journey

Q3 2017

July 2017

Novachain was funded.

August 2017

First Prototype development finished

Q1 2018

FEB-MAR 2018

Token Sale started and concluded.

Q2 2018

May 2018

Launch Internal Exchange

Q3 2018

August 2018

Launch automated arbitrage bot REX

Q4 2018

October 2018

Launch NOVABOX decentralized blockchain application

November 2018

Launch BTC exchange
Launch BTC REX pool
Launch BTC Masternodes

Q4 2018

In Progress

Advanced 2.0 bot version for trading personal accounts using API keys.
List internal Exchange on CMC (Q1 2019)
List NOVA Token on CMC (Q1 2019)

Any Question?

NOVACHAIN is a cutting-edge investment platform designed to produce profits from crypto arbitrage opportunities through its REX bot. The team behind the project has successfully generated profits in the FOREX markets for over 6 years. The NOVACHAIN bot applies their proven strategies to the volatile crypto markets which provides revenue for its community of investors.
REX is a specialized arbitrage software program known as a “bot”. Its algorithm is designed to pinpoint price differences on various crypto exchanges and execute profitable trades. These profits are then divided among investors on a daily basis.
To invest in REX, users need to acquire NOVA utility tokens from our platform. These tokens become the vehicle the REX bot uses for investing and taking profits. Tokens are valued according to the USD market price reflected on the exchange. Once the tokens are placed into REX, profits will begin to distribute in 24 hours.
Yes. The NOVA token is the fundamental vehicle the platform uses for its suite of investment products. While REX is our primary focus at NOVACHAIN, we also offer a virtual NOVA savings account, masternode ownership opportunities as well as a regular lottery.
REX produces profits based on regular arbitrage opportunities. Due to the fact these metrics are in constant state of flux, there’s no fixed ROI amount investors can consistently expect. Averages can range anywhere between .04 to 1.1% per day. Please understand these are only averages and subject to volatile market factors outside our control. Instead of promising inflated return rates based on “get rich quick schemes”, our goal is to set reasonable expectations thereby establishing solid, long-term relationships with our community members.
Users are free to take profits daily or remove their entire amount from REX at any time. Daily profits are taken in NOVA tokens and then sold on the exchange for ETH or BTC, which is then sent to your personal wallet. (Profits may be auto-reinvested as well.)
When removing a full or partial USD position from REX, the amount is converted to NOVA tokens at the current market value, which can then be sold on the exchange for ETH or BTC. Funds will be withdrawn to the wallet of your choosing. Once NOVA is listed on an external exchange you will have an additional option to consider when selling or purchasing your tokens.
No, there isn’t a lock up period for NOVA token holders. However, in order to encourage the community to use the platform as an investment tool and not an exchange, we have implemented a waiting policy of 20 days before REX can be accessed again once it’s been exited. In order to protect the NOVACHAIN community, we reserve the right to suspend re-entry into REX up to 90 days if misconduct is discovered and/or take appropriate disciplinary measures.
Yes, you have the option to take daily profits or reinvest them. Our reinvesting feature* allows users to automatically reinvest 25%, 50%, 75% or 100% of their profits. *This is a global setting for all your NOVACHAIN investments.
At the moment NOVAHAIN does not offer this feature. Stay tuned for exciting new developments coming soon!
The speed of each transaction is completely dependent upon the transaction times and settings of the Ethereum and Bitcoin networks.
Please go to the WALLET tab on the menu. Then on the NOVA wallet section, please select the GENERATE ADDRESS button. This will create and allow you to view your address.
Once the Ethereum or Bitcoin transactions are confirmed on their networks, you can press the SCAN button in the appropriate wallet and your deposit will be displayed.
Yes. Each investor is given a unique referral link to share with friends and family. When someone you refer signs up, you will receive 5% of their initial REX investment. Please note: Users must first have an active investment in REX in order to receive this reward.
Yes. Our current model awards everyone with more than 15,000 NOVA tokens an Ethereum masternode and those with more than 25,000 tokens a Bitcoin masternode. Masternode owners receive daily rewards based on the fees generated by the exchange. Currently, 90% of these fees are divided up and credited to the masternode account holders.
By holding the minimum requirement (15k or 25K) in REX, you will automatically be credited with a masternode and generate additional income. Removing all or partial funds from REX could remove your masternode status, depending on the amount removed.
Yes. Each time a user accumulates more tokens (15,000 or 25,000) they are awarded with additional masternodes. For example, if you have 60,000 NOVA, you will either receive 4 Ethereum masternodes, or 2 Bitcoin masternodes. The choice is yours!
NOVALITTO is a lottery designed to produce rewards for entrants and simultaneously burn NOVA tokens. Entrants can join the lottery via the crypto of their choice and win a full or partial jackpot. Detailed instructions can be found once you log in on the NOVALITTO menu tab.
Once the tokens are in your wallet, navigate to the NOVALITTO menu. Join the lottery by following the prompts. In order to promote the token burning effects, we have airdropped 100 NOVA to all new users. These tokens can only be used with NOVALITTO. Winners are able to use their funds however they wish with zero limitations.
Tokens can be purchased via our internal exchange. We are currently working on multiple external exchange listings.
There are no buy limits. Members are free to accumulate as much NOVA as they desire.
At the moment we do have a sell restriction of 100 NOVA in place. This restriction is only temporary and will be increased in regular intervals. We are professional traders and believe the free market principles should establish price points for goods and services. Therefore, please understand, the reason for the limitation is because we’re not yet listed on an external exchange.
Hence, the function of the smart-system we have developed is to capitalize on REX as an arbitrage investment tool. Our goal is to discourage people from treating the platform as an exchange where they are constantly buying and selling tokens to generate profits.
That said, once invested in REX, there is no selling limit on your daily profits. You can keep, reinvest or liquidate these profits at any time without limitations. Lastly, once NOVA is listed on an exchange, ALL sell restrictions will be removed. Users will be able to sell as much as they want as often as they like.
No. We recommend that you place your buy and sell orders at whatever price you desire. The exchange functions as a professional platform with Grade-A features for those looking to buy or sell at bargain prices.
NOVACHAIN utilizes 2FA for account access and fund withdrawals.
Create your account by either clicking on the link you received or on the GET STARTED button on the Novachain.cc site. Follow the onscreen prompts and fill out the requested information fields. Once you verify the confirmation email your account will be activated.
  • Next, navigate to the WALLET tab within the menu. Locate the NOVA wallet and select the GENERATE ADDRESS button. This will reveal your Ethereum and Bitcoin deposit addresses.
  • Deposit Ethereum or Bitcoin into your generated address. Once the transactions are confirmed on the networks, select the SCAN button and your deposits will be displayed.
  • Navigate to the EXCHANGE tab on the menu. Locate the buy NOVA module. Input the quantity and the price in ETH or BTC. Select the BUY button. A summary of your order will be presented to you. Proceed accordingly. Your order will then appear in the order book below.
  • Next, select REX in the menu. Enter the desired amount you wish to place into REX by pressing the green ADD TO REX button. Click CONFIRM in the confirmation window.
  • If you wish to have your profits reinvested automatically, toggle the AUTO REINVEST button to the ON position and choose the % you want to reinvest.
  • Your passive profits will begin to be generated within 24 hours.

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